Fencing.net provides a number of options for interested advertisers.

Google Display Ads

Most pages on Fencing.net have Google Ad inventory available. Inventory on these pages can be purchased directly via Google AdWords as a part of your normal Google ad buy process.

Direct Ad Purchase

We also offer the option for direct purchases of ads and site-wide sponsorship. This includes ad spaces that are not available with AdWords, because we prefer to pre-vet the more prominent site-wide banners. Please email us here for our rate sheet and other information on what options are available.

Sponsored Posts

Occasionally, we will agree to a sponsored post. A sponsored post is one that is written completely by a company with the intent to market against a product or service. We will always disclose these posts as such up front, and will not accept any content that is disagreeable with the general ethos of Fencing.net. We put our readers first, no matter what. Please email us here for our rate sheet and other information on sponsored posts.

Referral Programs

We are always open to including your ecommerce store’s referral program on our site. This will not result in preferential treatment of any sort except we will slightly prefer the usage of referral partner’s products if all other options are equal. Please email us here to discuss inclusion of your shop’s referral program.

Review Program

Fencing.net has a well-respected review section of the site. We’re constantly adding new content to it, but each piece is a genuine hand-written review based on actual product usage and research. Usually, this means we buy the product ourselves to test. If you’d like for us to take a look at your product sooner, you can send us an item to review. This does not guarantee a positive review in any way. But we will certainly discuss the review with you before publishing it. Please email us here to discuss how to facilitate a product review.

Coordinated Product Releases

We are happy to work on a coordinated product release for vendors with products that are pending launch. This could look like one of a number of things, but the most common is a product review with a defined timeline/embargo attached in order to ensure timed, saturated media coverage of your product. Please email us here to discuss the particulars on a coordinated product release, as each one is a little different.