Live Event Coverage

As we get closer to the event date, our event livestream will be found here.


For most events, the table will be drawn the night before.

Qualified Fencers

FencersQualification Path
Nick Itkin (USA)
Alexander Massialas (USA)
Gerek Meinhardt (USA)
Enzo Lefort (FRA)
Julien Mertine (FRA)
Maxime Pauty (FRA)
Daniele Garozzo (ITA)
Alessio Foconi (ITA)
Andrea Cassarà (ITA)
Kirill Borodachev (ROC)
Anton Borodachev (ROC)
Vladislav Mylnikov (ROC)
Cheung Ka Long (HKG)
Ryan Choi (HKG)
Cheung Siu Lun (HKG)
Alaaeldin Abouelkassem (EGY)
Mohamed Essam (EGY)
Mohamed Hamza (EGY)
Maximilien Van Haaster (CAN)
Alex Cai (CAN)
Eli Schenkel (CAN)
Peter Joppich (GER)
Benjamin Kleibrink (GER)
André Sanità (GER)
Qualification via Team
Takahiro Shikine (JPN)
Lee Kwang-hyun (KOR)
Individual Qualification
Asia & Oceania Region
Mohamed Samandi (TUN)Individual Qualification
Africa Region
Guilherme Toldo (BRA)Individual Qualification
Americas Region
Marcus Mepstead (GBR)
Carlos Llavador (ESP)
Individual Qualification
Europe Region
Huang Mengkai (CHN)Asia & Oceana Zonal Event
Salim Héroui (ALG)Africa Zonal Event
Diego Cervantes (MEX)Americas Zonal Event
Alexander Choupenitch (CZE)Europe Zonal Event
Toshiya Saito (JPN)
Kyosuke Matsuyama (JPN)
Host Country Qualificers

Important Info

Table of 64 to Quarterfinals

  • Live Event: Mon 26 July 9:00 – 16:20 JST
  • NBC Livestream begins Sun, 25 July, 5:00PM PST

Medal Rounds

  • Live Event: Mon 26 July 18:00 – 22:10 JST
  • NBC Livestream begins Mon, 26 July, 2:00AM PST