Apithy will miss the next two world cups.
Apithy will miss the next two world cups.

The French sabrist was suspended from FIE competition for 2 months as a result of his black card offense during the Team World Cup in Padua.

The story comes from the FFE’s release on the FIE’s disciplinary hearing.

Boladé is sad, confused, and most terribly sorry for his gesture.

During France-Italy match at the World Cup of Padua, Apithy threw his saber and received a black card for his bad reaction which also caused the disqualification of his team.

Yesterday, the FIE sanctioned him: 2 months suspension from February 17 until April 17, 2013. As a result, Boladè Apithy will miss the competitions in Budapest and Moscow. “All I can do is to accept the FIE sanction. I am punished for my behavior, this is how it should be.”

Now is the time for paying the price, “I’m sorry for my fellow team members, for my coach. I apologized to them and the Federation. I am well aware that I did not provide a good example for the young people and I am truly sorry.”

What went through his mind last Sunday?

Boladé tries to give an analysis of his inappropriate behavior. “During the relay, I felt that I was getting more and more irritated and at the end I hurried back to my end of the strip while disconnecting the cable. I threw the saber to unleash the fury which was building up in me, not to go against anyone. I don’t know why I had this sudden outburst of anger? Perhaps the frustration of having fenced poorly in the individual competition the day before? Perhaps the feeling of having disappointed the people who believed in me for the Olympics [and disappointing them]? I think it is the whole thing, a general frustration which I have not been able to get rid of since London. I usually scream to release my frustration, but I’ve not done so in quite some time.”

Bolade is mad with himself today. This is what he told Pierre Guichot, the national coach. “I apologized and told him that I was not proud of what I had done. I also told him that I still wanted to be world champion this year and my action would not change anything in my total commitment. Pierre asked me to take a week off to simmer down, to think about it. I told him that I’d rather be at the disposal of the team. I penalized the guys on Sunday, and I want to help them all I can to train well for the team events in Budapest and especially in Moscow. I do not forget what the guys did for me before the Olympics (Editor’s note, Boladé was the only French sabreur to qualify for London) and I am determined to help them all I can to be successful.”

By Denis Goran



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