VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada, Dec. 8-11:

Team France wins both team epee events this weekend in Canada. Hungary’s Gergely Siklosi and Italy’s Giulia Rizzi win the individual men’s and women’s events.

Men’s Epee

Gergely Siklosi won his second World Cup gold after defeating France’s former World Champion and current number-1, Yannick Borel, 15-12, in the final this weekend. In the semifinals, Siklosi won against China’s Lan Minghao, 15-10, while Borel beat French teammate, Alexandre Bardenet, 15-12.

In the team event, France won a solid victory in the final against Italy, 45-34. In the semifinals, Italy scraped a win following a slow-paced matchup against Israel, 35-34, while France beat Japan, 45-39. Japan went on to win the bronze medal over Israel, 45-41.

Team USA ended lower than expected with a team placement of 12th after coming in at 5th seed. In the individual, they had two top-64 finishes for Tristan Szapary (47) and Jonas Hansen (56).

Women’s Epee

In the women’s event, Giulia Rizzi won her first World Cup gold after a solid win over Hong Kong’s Kong Man Wei Vivian, 15-9, in the final. Kong came off a semifinal win over Canada’s Alexanne Verret, 15-8, while Rizzi beat Hungary’s Anna Kun, 15-11.

In the team event, France earned a hard-fought win in the finals versus Korea, 37-36.In the semifinals, Korea came off a win against Israel, 45-39, while France beat Switzerland, 45-40. Lastly, Switzerland went on to defeat Israel, 45-36, for the bronze.

Team USA placed lower than expected here as well, again coming in 5th seed and ending in 12th place. In the individual event, they had two top-32 finishes for Margherita Guzzi Vincenti (25) and Catherine Nixon (28) as well as three top-64 finishes for Katherine Holmes (36), Isis Washington (49) and Anne Cebula (54).

Results Men’s Epee


  1. Gergely Siklosi (HUN, gold)
  2. Yannick Borel (FRA, silver)
  3. Alexandre Bardenet (FRA, bronze)
  4. Lan Minghao (CHN, bronze)
  5. Romain Cannone (FRA)
  6. Volodymyr Stankevych (UKR)
  7. Yonatan Cohen (ISR)
  8. Alexis Bayard (SUI)


  1. France (gold)
  2. Italy (silver)
  3. Japan (bronze)
  4. Israel
  5. Hungary
  6. Korea
  7. China
  8. Switzerland

Results Women’s Epee


  1. Giulia Rizzi (ITA, gold)
  2. Kong Man Wai Vivian (HKG, silver)
  3. Anna Kun (HUN, bronze)
  4. Alexanne Verret (CAN, bronze)
  5. Marie-Florence Candassamy (FRA)
  6. Auriane Mallo (FRA)
  7. Lauren Rembi (FRA)
  8. Dzhoan Feybi Bezhura (UKR)


  1. France (gold)
  2. Korea (silver)
  3. Switzerland (bronze)
  4. Israel
  5. Hungary
  6. China
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Canada

Full results can be found on the FIE Competitions pages of the men’s events (1, 2) and women’s events (1, 2) or here.