Italy’s Alberta Santuccio and the Italian Women’s epee team win both World Cup events in Estonia to secure two gold medals.

TALLINN, Estonia, Nov. 11-13 – Alberta Santuccio earned her first World Cup gold this weekend with a win over France’s Marie-Florence Candassamy, 15-11, in the finals. Santuccio had just come off a semifinal win over China’s Zhu Mingye, 11-6, who had gone on a run of upsets including the 13th-seed, Italy’s Mara Navarria, 13-8, in the table of 64 and the 4th-seed, France’s Rossella Fiamingo, 15-9, in the table of 16.

In the team event, Italy secured a patient win over Ukraine, 33-28, for the gold. In the semifinals, Italy had a strong win over France, 42-29, while Ukraine defeated Poland, 44-37. For the bronze-medal match, France won out over Poland, 45-39. 

Team USA secured a 7th place finish in the team event although their final placements in the individual event were confined to the top-64 with Katherine Holmes (33), Hadley Husisian (37), Catherine Nixon (39), and Anne Cebula (53).

Full Results


  1. Alberta Santuccio (ITA, gold)
  2. Marie-Florence Candassamy (FRA, silver)
  3. Zhu Mingye (CHN, bronze)
  4. Song Sera (KOR, bronze)
  5. Anna Kun (HUN)
  6. Kong Man Wai Vivan (HKG)
  7. Lin Sheng (CHN)
  8. Nicol Foietta (ITA)


  1. Italy (gold)
  2. Ukraine (silver)
  3. France (bronze)
  4. Poland
  5. Korea
  6. Hungary
  7. USA
  8. China

Full results can be found on the FIE Competitions pages (1, 2) or here.