Italy’s Tommaso Marini and the United States men’s foil teams win World Cup events in Japan.

TOKYO, Japan, Dec. 9-11 – Tommaso Marini earned his second World Cup gold this weekend with a win over France’s Maxime Pauty, 15-13, in the finals. Marini advanced past the semifinals following a medical withdrawal from Egypt’s Alaaeldin Abouelkassem while Pauty emerged with a win over Japan’s Nagano Yudai, 15-12.

Notably, the individual event featured several upsets over former champions. Abouelkassem beat Italian Olympic champion, Daniele Garozzo, in the quarterfinals, 15-11, while Pauty won against Italian world champion, Alessio Foconi, 15-10, in the round of 16, and the United States’ Alexander Massialas defeated Hong Kong Olympic champion, Cheung Ka Long, 15-12.

In the team event, the United States solidly defeated Japan, 45-31, in the finals having already secured a definitive victory over France in the semifinals, 45-28. Japan came off their own semifinals with a win over Italy, 45-30. In the bronze medal match, Italy won out over France, 45-38. 

In addition to the gold in the team event, Team USA ended well in the individual event as well with top-16 finishes for Alexander Massialas (8) and Nick Itkin (11) and a top-64 finish for Adam Mathieu (52).



  1. Tommaso Marini (ITA, gold)
  2. Maxime Pauty (FRA, silver)
  3. Alaaeldin Abouelkassem (EGY, bronze)
  4. Nagano Yudai (JPN, bronze)
  1. Daniele Garozzo (ITA)
  2. Alexander Choupenitch (CZE)
  3. Alexandre Ediri (FRA)
  4. Alexander Massialas (USA)


  1. USA (gold)
  2. Japan (silver)
  3. Italy (bronze)
  4. France
  5. Korea
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Hungary
  8. Egypt

Full results can be found on the FIE Competitions pages (1, 2) or here.