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Physiclo resistance training
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Boost your fencing workout with Physiclo

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Adidas D'Artagnan V fencing shoe
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Adidas D’Artagnan V Fencing Shoes – Coming in January 2017

Adidas is releasing another version of the fencer-favorite D’Artagnan line with the 5th version of the shoe launching in January 2017. There’s little information on


Please Say No to Fencing on Concrete!

This comes from a posting to Mariel Zagunis’ Facebook Page in which she highlights that many world cup events are held in venues where fencing

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Cerioni Steps Down as Russia’s Foil Coach

Big news on the world fencing scene today as Stefano Cerioni has stepped down as the head coach for Russia’s Foil Fencing program and his

2016 Turin Grand Prix of Foil Fencing
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2016 Fencing Grand Prix Circuit Kicks Off in Torino

The FIE Foil Grand Prix series kicks off this weekend in Turin where Alexander Massialas is expected to be in contention for a medal. FIE