Italy’s Alice Volpi and the rest of Team Italy took gold in both women’s foil events this weekend in Serbia. 

BELGRADE, Serbia, Dec. 9-11 – Alice Volpi, former world champion and current number-2, earned her 6th World Cup gold this weekend following a definitive win in the finals over Germany’s Leonie Ebert, 15-6. In the semifinals, Volpi came off another solid defeat over Italian teammate, Francesca Palumbo, 15-8, while Ebert clinched a win over current world number-1, USA’s Lee Kiefer, 15-13.

In the team event, Italy won out over USA, 45-22, in the finals following a close semifinal match against France where Italy won 45-41. Likewise in the semifinals, USA solidly defeated Japan, 45-22. The bronze went to France following a medical withdrawal from Japan.

Team USA placed impressively in both events, taking silver in the team event and an individual bronze finish for Lee Kiefer in the individuals. They also ended with a top-16 finish for Zander Rhodes (14), top-32 finishes for Stefani Deschner (19), Lauren Scruggs (27) and Morgan Partridge (28), and top-64 finishes for Jacqueline Dubrovich (34) and Maia Mei Weintraub (41).



  1. Alice Volpi (ITA, gold)
  2. Leonie Ebert (GER, silver)
  3. Lee Kiefer (USA, bronze)
  4. Francesca Palumbo (ITA, bronze)
  1. Azuma Sera (JPN)
  2. Pauline Ranvier (FRA)
  3. Erica Cipressa (ITA)
  4. Julia Walczyk-Klimaszyk (POL)


  1. Italy (gold)
  2. USA (silver)
  3. France (bronze)
  4. Japan
  5. China
  6. Spain
  7. Poland
  8. Ukraine

Full results can be found on the FIE Competitions pages (1, 2) or here.