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The Comprehensive Guide to Fencing Shoes

Just what are the best shoes for fencing and what type of shoes should you get? Do you need the high-end fencing shoes, or can you go with a budget model?

General Reviews

Review: Leon Paul SR-71 Epee Blade

Now that Leon Paul’s SR-71 FIE epee blade has been out for a while, I wanted to explore how it has lived up to the

Fencing Pommels
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Pommels: Tungsten vs. LP Heavy Pommel

While the Tungsten heavy epee pommel provides the balance point promised, the durability of the threading and expense put it at a disadvantage to a simple but durable device like Leon Paul’s 200g heavy epee pommel.

Health and Fitness Reviews

Using the Concept 2 Rowing Machine

Review of the Concept 2 Indoor rowing machine and it’s use as an alternative to running for a good cardio workout.

Gear Guides Reviews

Vniti FIE Foil Blade Review

Review of the Vniti (or Bniti) foil blade. This is a maraging FIE foil blade manufactured by “Vniti”. Russian forge.