Maraging foil blade manufactured by “Vniti”. Russian forge. This item is sold by several vendors.

This blade is heavy at the forte and has medium flex at the foible. Starts out a little stiff, but works in very nicely. You can use it for a good flicking game and also have rock-solid parries that don’t get your point moving all over the place.

This blade shifts the balance point towards the bell, so if you’re used to a “superlight” blade, it will take a little getting used to.

Editor’s Review:

Durable – lasts forever, price, stability. These are great overall foil blades. They aren’t extremely flicky, but have enough flex for you to execute a proper flick attack to the shoulder or back with no problem if you are using proper technique.

I like the stability of the blade. It feels a little heavier than other blades, so if you like the feel of the really light (and more expensive) blades, then you may want to stick with them.

In terms of price/value I think the Vniti’s are the best out there. The only drawback is that they take a little while to work in.

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Fencing.Net sells the Vniti in the following products:

  • Wired fie foil blade
  • Complete electric foil
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    • Mitch, May 6, 2011 @ 7:32 pm

      When buying a Vniti blade you have to be specific as to stiff or soft blade selection as both are available. The stiff blade is the one that is referred to in the article. The soft blade is very whippy and hard to control in a riposte.

    • Craig, May 16, 2011 @ 9:25 pm

       Vniti started marketing the “Max” or stiff vs. “Standard” or soft blades after the 2005 foil timing changes.  You can find the wired Vniti foil blade at the store here.

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