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The 2014-2015 FIE Grand Prix Series provides each individual weapon discipline with 3 Grand Prix tournaments from January to May 2014.

FIE Secretary General Frédéric Pietruszka  explained the scheduling: “The FIE has decided to restructure its’ competition calendar in order to create a marketable product that is appealing on and for TV. We will have nine events in nine iconic places, spread from November to June. With this global initiative our objective is to continue to grow the visibility and popularity of fencing by giving the world’s best athletes an excellent stage to showcase the dynamism and elegance of fencing.”

Each fencing discipline has 3 Grand Prix events and 5 World Cup tournaments over the course of the season. The FIE competition season for seniors begins in January and culminates in the World Championships in Kazan, Russia in July 2014. Grand Prix events are worth twice the ranking points as regular World Cup events.

The Grand Prix season kicks off this weekend with the Men’s Epee Grand Prix in Doha, Qatar and Men’s Foil begins their world cup season at the Challenge International de Paris.

2014 Fencing Calendar Cover image by Serge Timacheff
Our 2014 Fencing Calendar includes the dates for World Cup and Grand Prix events.

2014 FIE Season Grand Prix Calendar:

01/16/14Grand Prix du Qatar 2014DohaQATEpee – Men’s
01/31/14The Artus Court PKO BPGdanskPOLFoil – Women’s
01/31/14Trophée BNP-ParibasOrléansFRASabre – Women’s
02/01/14Westend Grand Prix “in Memoriam Sakovics Jozsef”BudapestHUNEpee – Women’s
03/01/14Fleuret de St-PetersbourgSt-PetersbourgRUSFoil – Men’s
03/08/14Gerevich-Kovacs-Karpati Grand Prix for the Mol CupBudapestHUNSabre – Men’s
03/15/14Coupe Ville de VeniseVeniseITAFoil – Men’s
03/21/14Grand PrixMoscouRUSSabre – Women’s
03/22/14Vancouver Grand Prix – Absolute FencingVancouverCANEpee – Men’s
04/26/14Tournoi internationalXuzhouCHNEpee – Women’s
04/26/14SK Trophée SéoulSéoulKORFoil – Women’s
05/03/14Prince Takamado WCTokyoJPNFoil – Men’s
05/10/14Grand Prix de BerneBerneSUIEpee – Men’s
05/17/14Sabre de WolodyjowskiVarsoviePOLSabre – Men’s
05/22/14Grand PrixLa HavaneCUBEpee – Women’s
05/23/14Grand PrixMarseilleFRAFoil – Women’s
05/24/14Coupe du MondeTianjinCHNSabre – Women’s
05/24/14Glaive D’AsparoukhPlovdivBULSabre – Men’s