This past weekend, June 2nd through 4th, the last Grand Prix of the season was held at the VTB Ice Palace in Moscow. Being the last Grand Prix before the Leipzig World Championships in July, the world’s top Saber fencers were out in full force.

On the men’s side, Luica Curatoli (ITA) won the gold medal over Gu Bongil (KOR) after an exciting 15-13. In the semi-final, Curatoli took-out another top-ranked Korean fencer, Kim Jung-Hwan, 15-11. Prior to that, in the round of eight, Curatoli took out Team USA’s Olympic silver medalist, Daryl Homer, 15-13. In the second semi-final, Gu beat Hungarian two-time Olympic gold medalist Aron Szilagyi in a close 15-14 bout.

On the women’s side, Charlotte Lembach (FRA) overcame Hungarian Anna Marton in a 15-10 final. For Marton, this result gives her 3 Grand Prix Silver medals for the season, placing 2nd in all 3 events. Lembach beat Romanian Bianca Pascu to get to the gold medal bout, 15-11. Marton handily overcame Caroline Queroli (FRA) in the other semi bout, 15-5.

Men’s Results

Gold: Luca Curatoli (ITA)
Silver: Bongil Gu (KOR)
Bronze: Junghwan Kim (KOR),
Bronze: Aron Szilagyi (HUN),
5. Daryl Homer (USA)
6. Sanguk Oh (KOR)
7. Alexey Yakimenko (RUS)
8. Tiberiu Dolniceanu (ROU)

49. NATANZON Benjamin (USA)
57. LOSS Geoffrey (USA)
87. THOMPSON Khalil (USA)
95. KOLASA Thomas (USA)
96. MERCHANT Julian (USA)
100. METRYKA Karol (USA)
102. SIERADZKY Dawson (USA)
116. SOUDERS Peter (USA)
134. JOHNSON Zachary (USA)

Women’s Results

Gold: Charlotte Lembach (FRA)
Silver: Anna Marton (HUN)
Bronze: Bianca Pascu (ROU)
Bronze: Caroline Queroli (FRA)
5.Manon Brunet (FRA)
6.Jiyeon Kim (KOR)
7.Chika Aoki (JPN)
8.Anna Bashta (RUS)
22. Dagmara Wozniak (USA)
28. Anne- Elizabeth Stone (USA)
37. Monica Aksamit (USA)
45. Violet Michel (USA)
56. Francesca Russo (USA)
63. Maia Chamberlain (USA)
66. Elizabeth Tartakovsky (USA)
83. Morgan Jenkins (USA)
109. Celina Merza (USA)
110. Alexis Anglade (USA)
111. Ryan Jenkyns (USA)
109. Celina Merza (USA)
110. Alexis Anglade (USA)
111. Ryan Jenkyns (USA)