Alisher Usmanov (c) 2008Alisher Usmanov defeated Rene Roch in the election of FIE president today by a vote of 66-61. The member nations of the FIE (International Fencing Federation) each had one vote and chose to change from the incumbent leadership of Roch.

The mood after the vote was announced was one of shock as existing FIE staff are left to wonder what, if any, role they will have under the new administration.

Usmanov had run for the FIE presidency before and lost to Roch. This time Usmanov gained enough votes to overtake Roch and the FIE presidency.

In his nomination statement, Usmanov pledged to spend additional funds promoting fencing throughout the world, especially in less developed nations that currently lack the funding to send their athletes to World Cup events and develop a national fencing infrastructure.

{sidebar id=1}Usmanov has also detailed plans for increased sponsorship of fencing, promotion and training of more coaches, and increased publicity for the sport. His entire address (letter sent out at time of nomination) can be found here. [read more]

In related news, Stanislav Pozdniakov will be the new President of the Russian Fencing Federation and cast Russia’s vote in the election for FIE president.

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More Photos:

FIE Congress - Photo by Serge Timacheff
The FIE Executive Committee calls the Congress to Order

Roch Addresses the Congress - Photo by Serge Timacheff
Roch Addresses the FIE Congress

photo by Serge Timacheff
Roch and Usmanov Meet

Kalle Weeks - photo by Serge Timacheff

USFA President Kalle Weeks casts her ballot



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