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The 2010 revision of the USA Fencing Rule Book is now online at the USA Fencing web site.

The revision is a long time coming as prior instances of the US Fencing rule book contained errors and out of date rules that were no longer enforced (or rather, simply ignored.)

Omar Bhutta led the editing process to take the official British-English translation of the FIE rule book and translate that into American-English.  In discussion of the text, Omar stated that “The accompanying Redlined version with changes noted has not been posted on the USFA site, but my hope is that it will be to facilitate people understand what text has changed.”

Word is that the Fencing Officials Commission (FOC) will be going over the rule book one more time and make a few edits to bring all of the rules into compliance with the current FIE rules (where applicable.)  That revision is expected to be posted within the week.

In the meantime, you can download the 2010 US Fencing Rule Book here.  (pdf format)