Christian Bauer fencing training campInternational fencing champions and players from several countries are headed to the Laoshan training headquarters in Beijing. 

Aldo Montano joined members of the Chinese fencing team for intensive training sessions under coach Christian Bauer.

Montano used to be the student of Chinese head coach Christian Bauer, who coached him to Olympic Gold in 2004.  Montano has been granted permission to train with Bauer in China by the Italian Fencing Federation.

{sidebar id=1}Montano is spending a 10 day training session with Bauer and is joined by Zhong Man, one of Bauer’s favorite Chinese students.  Zhong Man was the 2008 Olympic Champion.

Fencers from the Japanese national team will also join the training camp.  Bauer is looking forward to the opportunity for his Chinese fencers to learn from the foreign fencers.

You can view a video of this story at here.

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