Today’s Fencing Shirt Friday goes a bit retro with our friends at

Michael Aufrichtig founded FencingFootage using a very simple mission statement: A Man. A Plan. A Videocam. At that time there were no videos available commercially to the fencing public and Michael used his connections with the NY fencing community of world cup bound fencers to change that.

In exchange for some cash or revenue sharing considerations these fencers would video tape bouts at world cups and hand over the footage to Michael for editing and replication. What started out as a business only selling VHS tapes moved on to selling DVDs and then an educational CD-ROM on foil actions.

Fencing Footage still operates as a side business providing fencing videos and dvds to it’s customers.

Though in recent years a newer company, Fencing Pictures, has invested a lot of time and resources in building video products for the fencing market, it was Fencing Footage that first served that market and showed me how a fencing web site could connect with the community and build a successful business.

Thanks for the shirt! Love it.

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