The Kingston Fencing Club in Ontario, Canada announced the CAN/AM Veteran’s Cup.  The event, which will be held May 14th and 15th, is open to Veteran age fencers, those aged 40+, and will feature foil and sabre events on Saturday with epee on Sunday.

For the over 40 crowd there are just a few Vet events open.  There are the Vet NACs and a few scattered tournaments other than the regular Opens and Div II or Div III classification-restricted tournaments.

As an added benefit, this tournament is offering prize money!  $350 for gold, $200 for silver, and $100 for bronze.

The Detroit NAC is in March and this event is in May, so there’s enough time to recover and be ready, at least based on my own training cycle from the first Veteran NAC of the 2010-2011 season.

Event costs will be roughly equivilant to a NAC.  The event is catering to the Vet crowd with a cocktail hour put in on Saturday night.  (I fence foil, so that would be a nice way to cap off a day of fencing.)

The event page tells more about the location:

The City of Kingston, nestled in the scenic 1000 Islands tourist area, was the first capital of Canada. Known now for its historic limestone buildings, its natural surrounding beauty, fine dining and exciting night life, Kingston is a very popular tourist destination. Located conveniently half-way between Toronto and Montreal and two hours south of the Ottawa International Airport and two hours north of Syracuse Airport, Kingston is easily accessible by car, train or airplane. Norman RogersAirport is located 15 minutes west of downtown.

Event Schedule:

Friday  May 13th

Pre-registration at venue from 7.00 – 9.00 pm

Saturday May 14th

M & W Foil : 8.30 am start

M & W Sabre: 8.30 am Start

Team events in both weapons will commence 1/2 hour after the completion of individuals. A minimum of three teams will be required in order to run this event.

Awards Banquet

6.30 pm cocktails, 7.00 pm dinner, 8.30 pm awards

Bio-Sci Atrium

Sunday May 15th

M & W Epee: 8.30 am start

Team epee events will commence 1/2 hour after the completion of individuals. A minimum of three teams will be required in order to run this event.

Required gear: Fencing uniforms don’t need to be FIE to fence in this event.  The event page states that the fencing uniform must be a minimum 350NW and FIE is recommended, but not required.


As of today (Jan 26th) the airfare from Atlanta to Kingston is looking like $700 to $800, which would put this trip well above the cost of a NAC.  Hitting Toronto or Montreal puts the flight cost at $400 – $500, plus a couple of hours in the car and weekend auto rental can save a little bit of dough.

I’m intrigued by this event.  It’s nice to see another Vet event outside of the Veteran NACs.  Having the event in a more major hub would, I’m sure, help get more people there so we’ll have to see how this one turns out.

More details:

To make this event a success, we need your commitment to participate.

* Venue: Queen’s University, Main Gym, Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
* Age Qualification: 40+
* All weapons, Individual and Team
* CASH PRIZES to medalist
* Unique medals cast for this event
* Participating Diplomas to all
Welcome package to all
* T-shirts (for purchase)
* Gala Dinner

CAN/AM Cup Event Page:

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  • Henk Pardoel, January 28, 2011 @ 4:44 pm

    Hi Craig,

    Thank-you for posting information on the CAN/Am Veteran’s Challenge, I would like to add some additional information to your blurb that may clear up a few details such as, if you go to our on-line website and click on flights and search for say Atlanta to Syracuse, New York you will find theat the flights range in the $345.00 Cdn range with five flights daily. It is then a very easy drive from Syracuse to Kingston along two major highway system. With a few friends it is actually not as expensive as you have listed on your site. Kingston is located half-way between Montreal and Toronto (3 hour drive either direction) and is a less than two hour drive from Ottawa International airport and the Syracuse Airport. The reason that the tournament is hosted in Kingston is that we have large venues to host fencing tournaments, the City of Kingston is extremely safe for visitors, compratively inexpensive to larger cities such as Toronto, and has a number of natural tourist attractions.


  • Veteranfencer, February 7, 2011 @ 6:08 pm

    Jujie Luan of Edmonton will participate at the Can/Am Cup, Kingston May 14-15, 2011
    Jujie is Foil Olympic champion, Los Angeles, and World Veterans Champion, Limoges

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