USA Fencing announced the winning bids for SYC (Super Youth Circuit) events for the 2011-2012 season.  The announcement has already started a discussion on the Forums about the lack of an event in California.

Here’s a map to better grasp the SYC Circuit for the upcoming season:

We’ve also created and made public a Google Map with the tournament data thus far.  Check it out here.

The SYC events are spread out but with no events in California.  Considering the population density in the state, it is unfortunate that no venue in California was chosen to host an SYC.  There are no SYC events in the southeast, but there’s a nice ring of events around the area, so folks in the southeast that want to participate will be travelling.

According the the SYC Mission Statement, the SYC Circuit is set up to serve “youth fencers in the Y14, Y12, and Y10 age categories in all six weapons that provide an opportunity for young athletes to experience elite competition, earn national points, and prepare for future national events.”  One of the stated goals was to showcase fencing in different regions and control travel time and expenses for families.

If you look at the map, there are several regions not being showcased.  Travel time/expenses applies as well.  No limited sanctioned circuit will be perfect but it would be interesting to overlay the event locations with USA Fencing’s membership data to see how well the tournament locations match up to the current “hot spots” in USA Fencing’s membership base.

Just in case you’re thinking of bidding on an SYC for the 2012-2013 season, check out the requirements.  (Full bid packet available at USA Fencing’s site.)  Among the requirements for a host of an SYC are:

  • Minimum ceiling height of 15 feet.
  • Minimum of 18 strips  (and space up to 24).   At least 10 strips must be grounded metal strips.
  • Space for the referee on the side of each strip, with the scoring box to be placed approximately 3 feet out from the center of the opposite side of the strip.
  • Competition area must be well lit with even lighting throughout.
  • Area on or near the fencing floor for Armory, Registration Desk, Officials Lounge, and Trainer.
  • An Athletic Trainer is required on site during all hours of competition, and must be easily accessible in the main hall of competition.  Access to ice is mandatory.
  • Ample amount of restrooms.  (What is “ample” in this case?  There should be some sort of ratio of competitors to available toilets/stalls.)
  • The temperature in the competition hall must be between 65° and 75° F.   (Measured when?)
  • A stage or visibly designated area for the Bout Committee. The BC area is centrally located with clear site to all strips, and should be equipped with sufficient tables, chairs, electricity, internet access, and public address system.
  • The public address system needs to reach all areas of the venue, including the designated Officials Lounge, with a microphone located at the BC Stage.  (USA Fencing NACs don’t meet this requirements.)
  • An area must be designated and easily accessible to fencers for posting pools, DE tables, and results.
  • Adequate parking and easy access to transportation, especially to the host hotel.
  • Venue food/drink concessions are open throughout the competition. Concessions must include “athlete-friendly” foods (fruit, energy bars, bagels, water, sports drink).
  • Water stations and/or drinking fountains must be available.
  • Meeting space to feed Officials and for Committee Meetings.

How well will each of the events this season score on those points?