Two of the candidates for USA Fencing President have published their platforms and some answers to membership questions over in the forums.

The two that have joined in the discussion thus far are Donald Anthony and Felicia Zimmermann.  Felicia’s bio can also be found as a pdf file here.  Donald joined in the thread on Election Candidates and Felicia’s bio was posted on a separate thread.

Tim Morehouse may not be running for office but he has also published his own manifesto on USA Fencing via his blog.  Check out his set of goals to get an idea of some of the big picture ideas being tossed around.
With USA Fencing coming off of a quad that looks full of potential, the task of the new administration will be to work to maintain the level of competitive success of the elite athletes while also finding ways to improve the financial side of the house.  Those deeply committed to US Fencing know that this is a very marketable sport, but corporate budgets are tight and costs seem to be going up just about everywhere.
If you have questions about the direction of USA Fencing, the goals of an administration or what their specific agenda or big picture goals, or detailed plans for achieving those goals are, then hop on into the forums and ask.  If you’re shy, then just email those questions to me ([email protected]) and we’ll make sure they get asked.

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  • Susan Belanich, May 11, 2012 @ 5:06 pm

    David Blake has also commented extensively in the Election Candidates thread.

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