{mosimage}The 2003-2004 Olympic Selection season concluded with the St. Petersburg World Cup on March 28, 2004.  Based on the results of the 15 world cup events, the first 16 of 24 Olympic Qualification Berths have been set.

Selection Criteria:

Women’s Foil only has an individual event for the 2004 Olympic Games.  Because of this, only 24 individuals qualify for the event.  The top 8 in the world rankings earn the first 8 spots.  The next 8 spots are selected by zone, with 3 to Europe, 2 to the Americas and Asia, and one to Africa.  In no case may a country have more than 3 fencers and only one fencer per country may be selected by the zonal criteria.

The 16 fencers that have qualified are indicated in the chart below:




World Rank


1 – #1 World Rank

Valentina VezzaliITA1309

2 – #2 World Rank

Sylwia GruchalaPOL2281

3 – #3 World Rank

Giovanna TrilliniITA3230

4 – #4 World Rank

Roxana ScarlatROM4191

5 – #5 World Rank

Aida MohamedHUN5191

6 – #6 World Rank

Ekatarina YouchevaRUS6181

7 – #7 World Rank

Svetlana BoikoRUS7163

8 – #8 World Rank

Laura Carlescu-BadeaROM8161

9 – Zonal: Europe

Adeline WuillemeFRA9153

10 – Zonal: Europe

Margherita GranbassiITA10136

11 – Zonal: Europe

Gabriella VargaHUN11121

12 – Zonal: Asia

Jie MengCHN12114

13 – Zonal: Asia

Hyun-Hee NamKOR1780

14 – Zonal: Americas

Erinn SmartUSA2655

15 – Zonal: Africa

Wassilia RedouaneALG5029

16 – Zonal: Americas

Mariana Isabel GonzalezVEN6419

Continental Qualifying Tournaments

The final 8 athletes will have to compete at continental tournaments in order to win a spot at the Olympics.  Each country that does not already have a fencer qualified is allowed to send one athlete to compete in their zone’s tournament.  The top 3 finishers from the European tournament, top 2 from the American and Asian, and winner of the African tournament will earn an invitation to the Olympic Games.

Germany, which won the bronze medal in the 2000 team event will have only one fencer represented if she can place in the top 3.  That will most likely be Simone Bauer who is one place in the rankings ahead of her teammate. 

The tournaments will occur in April with Olympic Bids sent to the national federations in May.