{mosimage}The Ohio State Buckeyes claimed their first-ever NCAA Fencing National Championships in the final day of the competition March 28. Ohio State outscored second-place Penn State by 34 points en route to a 194-160 victory, at the Gosman Athletic Center on the campus of Brandeis University.

Ohio State posted the second-highest team total in the five years that the NCAA has contested events in six weapons. The Buckeyes won 97 bouts in both the men’s and women’s competition to reach their total of 194 points. Penn State surpassed Notre Dame on the final day of competition to keep its streak of finishing in the top two of every NCAA National Collegiate Fencing Championship that has been held since 1990.

Notre Dame finished in third place with 153 points, while St. John’s (N.Y.) moved into the top four with 149 points. Columbia placed fifth with 146 points. St. John’s was the top scorer in the men’s competition, totaling 109 bout victories.

Individually, Ohio State sophomore Adam Crompton successfully defended his 2003 sabre crown. Crompton narrowly defeated Columbia fencer Sergey Isayenko, 15-14, in the title bout, avenging one of his two losses in the round robin. Rutgers freshman Benjamin Igoe defeated Penn State’s Marten Zagunis, 15-6, to claim third place in the sabre.

Buckeye freshman Boaz Ellis went 24-1 on the day to claim his first NCAA title in the foil. Ellis defeated Yale sophomore Cory Werk, 15-8, in the title bout. Werk, seeded fourth in the semis, reached the final match by handing top-seeded St. John’s sophomore Nitai Kfir one of his two losses for the tournament, 15-12. Kfir defeated Columbia’s Jeremy Sinkin, 15-12, for third place.

The finals of the men’s epee was an all-St. John’s affair as junior Arpad Horvath defeated rookie teammate Benjamin Bratton, 15-7, in the finals. It was the second crown for Horvath, who won the 2002 title. Both Red Storm fencers survived narrow semifinal matches. Bratton defeated Notre Dame junior Michal Sobieraj, 15-13, while Horvath downed Ohio State junior Denis Tolkachev, 11-10, in overtime. Sobieraj claimed third place with a 15-8 victory.

Results Tables:

Final Team Standings and Point Totals by Weapon:
1.Ohio State University194353428333727
2.Pennsylvania State University160352219322923
3.Notre Dame153231618264030
4.St. John’s University1493637362020
6.Pennsylvania, University of104927321521
7.Princeton University791615112611
8.Harvard University7312161041912
9.Wayne State University6262729
10.Stanford University6021101217
11.Northwestern University5016277
12.Duke University4810101315
13.TRutgers University44181313
13.TYale University44166913
15.Cal State, Fullerton3518107
16.U.S. Air Force Academy3432236
17.Brandeis University2841410
18.Temple University25979
19.Cornell University23815
20.New York University19145
21.Brown University17215
22.Haverford College1495
23.TDrew University1212
25.TTufts University1111
25.TUNC, Chapel Hill1156
27.Vassar College88
28.Johns Hopkins University77
29.TCal Tech66
29.TNJ Institute of Technology66
29.TU.C. San Diego66
32.THunter College11
32.TSacred Heart University11

V = Victories
PCT = Percent of Bouts Won
TS = Touches Scored
TR = Touches Received
Ind = Indicators (TS minus TR)

Individual Results on the following pages.


MEN’S SABER – Final Standings
1.Adam CromptonOhio State210.91311148+63
2.Sergey IsayenkoSt. John’s200.87011162+49
3.Benjamin IgoeRutgers180.78310163+38
4.Marten ZagunisPenn State180.7839866+32
5.Ian FarrPenn State170.7399670+26
6.Alexander KrulColumbia160.69610369+34
7.Darrin WhitmerSt. John’s160.6969077+13
8.Andrew MageeN.Y.U.140.6099377+16
9.Jason PaulOhio State140.6098678+8
10.Patrick GhattasNotre Dame130.5659574+21
11.Paul ReyfmanColumbia130.5659986+13
12.David JakusHarvard120.5228478+6
13.Curtis AndrusStanford120.5228681+5
14.Matthew StearnsNotre Dame100.4357889-11
15.Christian FlandersHaverford90.3918089-9
16.Robert OwensStanford90.3917488-14
17.Mark KindrachukPennsylvania90.3917298-26
18.Justin BernsteinVassar College80.3487094-24
19.Bret MartinU.C. San Diego60.2617499-25
20.Phil DolataN.J.I.T.60.26167101-34
21.Bobby SmithWayne State60.26163100-37
22.Wesley NewkirkNorth Carolina50.21764102-38
23.Sam BartronAir Force30.13066111-45
24.Randy BresilHunter College10.04353114-61

Men’s Saber Medal Bouts

(1) Adam Crompton def. (4) Marten Zagunis, 15-10
(2) Sergey Isayenko def. (3) Benjamin Igoe, 15-12

Bronze Medal Bout
(3) Benjamin Igoe def. (4) Marten Zagunis, 15-6

Gold Medal Bout
(1) Adam Crompton def. (2) Sergey Isayenko, 15-14

MEN’S FOIL – Final Standings
1.Boaz EllisOhio State220.95711334+79
2.Cory WerkYale160.6969872+26
3.Nitai KfirSt. John’s220.95711432+82
4.Jeremy SinkinColumbia180.7839969+30
5.Enoch WoodhouseHarvard160.6969471+23
6.Henry KennardSt. John’s150.6529673+23
7.Ian SchlaepferPenn State140.6099580+15
8.Andy RaduPennsylvania140.6098978+11
9.Michael GalliganPennsylvania130.5658874+14
10.Jesse SchibiliaRutgers130.5659280+12
11.Nathan WeirOhio State120.5228586-1
12.Calvin ChenColumbia120.5228390-7
13.Eric StodolaPrinceton100.4358786+1
14.Florian ReichlingStanford100.4358487-3
15.Benjamin HendricksDuke100.4358593-8
16.Roland BredenCal St. Fullerton100.4357790-13
17.Forest WaltonNotre Dame90.3918395-12
18.Jake ClarkPenn State80.3487095-25
19.Brian FraserCal St. Fullerton80.3486193-32
20.Frank BontempoNotre Dame70.3047097-27
21.Alejandro BrasPrinceton60.2617599-24
22.Willy ChangN.Y.U.50.21754109-55
23.Benji RostokerBrandeis40.17454103-49
24.Jeremy ZeitlinBrown20.08750110-60

Men’s Foil Medal Bouts

(4) Cory Werk def. (1) Nitai Kfir, 15-12
(2) Boaz Ellis def. (3) Jeremy Sinkin, 15-11

Bronze Medal Bout
(1) Nitai Kfir def. (3) Jeremy Sinkin, 15-12

Gold Medal Bout
(2) Boaz Ellis def. (4) Cory Werk, 15-8

MEN’S EPEE – Final Standings









1.Árpád HorváthSt. John’s180.78310360+43
2.Benjamin BrattonSt. John’s180.78310572+33
3.Michal SobierajNotre Dame180.7839867+31
4.Denis TolkachevOhio State160.6969961+38
5.Adam WierciochPenn State160.6969060+30
6.William VeriganColumbia160.6969775+22
7.Marek PetraszekWayne State150.6528679+7
8.Jason HendersonRutgers130.5659884+14
9.Dana SanfordDrew120.5229283+9
10.William JonesOhio State120.5228879+9
11.Jason StockdaleAir Force120.5229287+5
12.Wojciech DudekWayne State120.5228380+3
13.Martin LeeStanford120.5228583+2
14.Michael YablonColumbia110.4788291-9
15.Kai KellerBrandeis100.4358786+1
16.Timothy FrenchAir Force100.4358288-6
17.Julian RoseHarvard100.4358295-13
18.Nathan BraggDuke100.4357590-15
19.Ben SolomonPrinceton90.3918794-7
20.Matthew BouloubasisJohns Hopkins70.3047799-22
21.Fenil GhodadraPrinceton60.2616097-37
22.James RohrbachYale60.26163106-43
23.Andrew SoferBrandeis40.17469109-40
24.Alex BruskePenn State30.13052107-55

Men’s Epee Medal Bouts

(1) Arpad Horvath def. (4) Denis Tolkachev, 11-10
(2) Benjamin Bratton def. (3) Michal Sobieraj, 15-13

Bronze Medal Bout
(3) Michal Sobieraj def. (4) Denis Tolkachev, 15-8

Gold Medal Bout
(1) Arpad Horvath def. (2) Benjamin Bratton, 15-7