The US Olympic Team heads out to San Jose for final processing, a media day, and then the trip to Beijing for the Games.  The men’s sabre squad has been home based in New York and attending a training camp focused on both individual and team bout situations.

We caught up with Tim Morehouse to speak about the final Olympic preparations, some of his potential match ups as well as some more information about his training methods.


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Coming Up: Aug 9 on NBC at 7pm "My First Time: Competing at the Olympics" I will have a large segment following my preparations for Beijing as well as my life outside of training at Teach For America. (Television Show titled, “How the Best is Done: Elite Athletes," gives viewers an inside look at the training regimes of world-class athletes.  It aired last Friday, July 25th on treasurhd and you can catch it on the internet now.  I have a 3 minute segment on the show that runs from 9:43 to 12:54  (Good Story and GREAT Video),0,4147091.story (Good story and video) (Nice article in a local newspaper) (Good Article)