The NEPS screws and driver kit.
The NEPS screws and driver kit.

We’ve just received our latest batch of the NEPS (New Epee Point Screws).

Updated 3/22: We now have another batch of the screws in-stock. All of our backorders have already shipped out.

This batch has improved even more! There were some reported problems of fitting the screws into some epee barrels due to thin screw slots. There also were a few epees that failed the large shim test after installing the NEPS. The screws have been modified in this batch by reducing the collar to 2.1mm in diameter.

It’s great that such a new product is both widely accepted and is able to be improved quickly based on our customer feedback.

The good news is that we’ve cleared out back-orders for these. The bad news is that we are low on inventory again and have another order of the NEPS on the way. If you order and they end up being out of stock, we’ll let you know. We would have more in stock in 1-2 weeks.

If you haven’t had a chance to see them yet, check out this demonstration video: