USA Fencing has adopted the recent rule changes made by the FIE as of April 1. These changes are now in effect:

· Simple corps-a-corps in foil and saber is no longer a group 1 offense. When there is a simple corps-a-corps, halt should be called, and the fencers placed back on guard. Corps-a-corps to avoid a touch and corps-a-corps with jostling are still group 1 offenses, so if it’s not simple corps-a-corps, a penalty should still be applied. (t.20)

· Foil and Saber fencers must report to the strip with 2 mask cords, as well as all other required equipment. (t.45)

· Beats on the forte (lower third) of the blade in foil are considered parries. (t.56)

· Any person who threatens or insults an official should be penalized for a group 4 offense. (t.82)

· If a fencer violently or dangerously throws a piece of equipment during or after a bout, they’re penalized for a group 4 offense. (t.87)

· The criteria for non-combativity is now either approximately one minute of fencing without a touch or excessive distance for at least 15 seconds. Blade contact or lack thereof is no longer part of the criteria. (t.87)

· In team events, only the team captain can approach the referee; they are also allowed to lodge protests. (t.90)

· Masks with visors are not allowed. (Appendix A, 2.1.2)

· In foil, the lame must cover the valid target when the fencer is in the on guard position only. (m.28)

The updated Rule Book with all the changes can be found on the FOC web site,