Felicia Day getting dressed for fencing
Felicia was concerned with torn nipples, but no worries we have breast guards!

Felicia Day took at trip to Swordplay LA to get a fencing lesson. Check out this video where she learns some footwork, warms up, and gets dressed out for some saber fencing.

To respond to a couple of Felicia’s comments:

  • Yes Felicia, you do get a really big thigh on one side from all of the lunges! (And larger calf on the “back” leg.)
  • I always wear my cup, so don’t think you’ll be taking me out that way if we ever fence. (DragonCon is coming up and that’s in my backyard – so let me know if you’re up for a challenge!)
  • I want to know why you didn’t break out your assassin moves from Dragon Age 2

Here’s the video:

And a couple of more photos:

Felicia Day dressed to fence
Getting ready for battle.
Felicia Day fencing at Swordplay LA
Felicia Day – Fencing Champion (or at least light saber champ)