#fencingmob event photo from 2014 – Alphen

Are you ready for the #FencingMob? Join your club in the worldwide fencing flash mob and look on social media for FencingMob photos and videos on Fencing.Net, US Fencing, the FIE, FIS, and other channels.

Clubs: Let us know where your event will be!


Here’s a video from the 2014 event:

Below is the release from the FIE outlining the 2015 #FencingMob event:

After the great success of last year edition, the Italian Fencing Federation (FIS) is launching again #Fencingmob to all affiliated fencing clubs in Italy and all national fencing federations and their clubs around the world. The aim is to promote our sport in the time of the year when the new competitive season starts and this event becomes an essential tool to recruit new members.

Sunday, September 6, 2015, (any time during the course of the day) all fencing clubs in Italy and around the world are invited to join creating a flashmob with fencing as a theme.

#Fencingmob shall be organized at a characteristic location that identifies the city where it takes place (eg in front of the Colosseum in Rome, Piccadilly Circus in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Times Square in New York City, the Leaning Tower in Pisa, etc.). These being public locations, we strongly recommend to apply for permits and to notify well in advance the competent authorities with all event’s details (venue, time, number of participants, etc.) It is the responsibility of the local organizers to photograph and video their flashmob.

PHOTOS: All photos shall be sent IN REAL TIME to the email address: [email protected] and posted by the organizers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram indicating the name of the city and using the hashtag #Fencingmob (eg, Roma #Fencingmob). All photos will be published in real time on the social media of the Italian Fencing Federation ( FacebookTwitterInstagram).

VIDEO: Video of the flashmob shall be posted directly on YouTube within 3 hours of the event’s conclusion with the title #Fencingmob PLUS the name of the city, state, country (for example, #Fencingmob New York, NY, USA). All participating organizers are kindly requested to follow this procedure. Within 48 hours we will publish one or more summary videos of all #Fencingmob that took place around the world that day.