fencingmob - the fencing flash mob
The fencing flash mob is set for Sunday, Sept 7.

This weekend the largest organized fencing flashmob will be staged as clubs worldwide are taking to their town squares or similar places on Sunday, September 7th to engage in a Fencing Flash Mob.

The Italian Fencing Federation is launching #fencingmob, a worldwide flash mob on Sunday, September 7. Fencing clubs in Italy and around the world are invited to take photos and videos using well known locations uniquely identifying each city, e.g. Rome’s Coliseum or London’s Piccadilly Circus to inform and advertise the public about the sport of fencing at a time when affiliations and registrations for the new competitive season begin. Fencers, fencing clubs are encouraged to post photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram stating your location using the hashtag #fencingmob and send them to the [email protected].  The Italian Federation’s media team will use these to amplify the effort by reposting them to a global album curating the fencing mob event.

This is a great way for local clubs and organizations to gain media attention and media mentions for the sport of fencing and their individual clubs.

To find out more about this global fencing initiative visit the official Facebook event page.

We’re also keeping a list of US FencingMob events here: https://fencing.net/forums/thread78399.html

This event was inspired by a Fencing Flash Mob coordinated at the 2011 World Championships:

And for more fun, here are some of the tweets talking about local #FencingMob events:

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