Last updated 18 Nov 2017. We’ll keep this list up to date as new sales and specials are revealed.

The following is a consolidated list of sales, coupons and offers for Black Friday and Christmas 2017.  Not all of these are specific holiday deals, but they’re all currently active and worth highlighting if you’re looking for some gifts and good buys.

Current Holiday and Black Friday Sales

Leon Paul is doing a pseudo-sale: complete a survey and get a 15% off coupon valid for most items. Survey is open til Nov 26 and the coupon is valid until Dec 6 2017.  It is a little unclear exactly what “most items” means, but LP doesn’t offer sales and specials often, so its worth checking out.

Absolute is running a few sales:

Previous generation Uhlmann and Allstar Startex/Olympia uniforms on sale from almost every major vendor, at roughly 30% off retail in order to clear inventory:

SwordMasters is currently running a sale on FWF Lames and Masks, with items in the 30-50% range.

Amazon is running a number of generic deals, including: