Soren Thompson is fighting off a hamstring injury and working to get ready for the Americas Zonal championships and World Championships. He was a member of the NYAC #1 club that beat the NYAC #2 club for the Epee Team Championship at the US Nationals in Miami.


Serge Timacheff talks to Soren about the injury, how he’s adapting his epee game, and the position of the US epee team in the race to Olympic qualification. The interview ranges from dealing with injury, putting "real life" on hold to pursue high level athletic achievement, and the team results.

In the last few months the US Men’s Epee squad has placed 2nd and 5th in team competition – something that bodes well for qualification even with Venezuela nipping at their heels.



"Where one thing is hurt, other things may be improved."

"We slowly build a lead and we don’t make many mistakes."

"We’ve been beating great teams almost every time we fence them."