Schwinn Recumbent Exercise BikeThe Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike is a terrific machine, the perfect machine for folks who want a great workout right in the home.  For some, the gym is the ideal place for a rigorous workout.  However, if going to the gym is a hassle – and it certainly can be! – then it’s worth considering putting together a home gym that makes it easy to work out in any weather, any time of the day you wish.

The Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike is loaded with features that help users meet their fitness goals.  This is a compact recumbent exercise bike, which makes it a good fit for the home.  It fits easily into spare rooms, basements, and living rooms.  11 workout programs help individualize the biking experience, and help hone and refine fitness goals.

Keeping track of your heart rate is easily accomplished by gripping the heart rate sensors that come with the Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike.  Exercising at the appropriate heart rate is very important, because you’ll know if you’re going at it too hard or, conversely, not hard enough.  Going “all out” in a workout can cause injury, pain, and burnout, so always monitor your heart rate when exercising to help meet your fitness goals.

The Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike is fully computer-controlled, and has 8 levels of resistance that you can tailor to your own needs.  The resistance system is called Quiet Magnetic ECB (Eddy current brake).  If you’re using the exercise bike for a warm-up, then keep it low-key, light resistance to get your muscles ready for a harder workout.

If you’re going all the way and doing a full-out workout on this exercise bike, then you can select one of six preset profiles:  one manual, three heart rate control, and one target heart rate.  We found that changing these up from day to day adds some variety to the workout.

The LCD display is top of the line, with a clear, large readout that is easy to read, even when working out hard.  The display readouts include: Speed, RPM, Time, Distance, Watt, Calories, and Pulse.

Easy to Move!

If you’re under the impression this machine is huge and hard to move, think again!  The machine weights a comparatively light 58 pounds.  While folks don’t typically running around hefting 58 pounds, it is possible to move that weight with just one person.  This bike, in other words, is light enough that most people could move it.  The dimensions are 58.5 x 26 x 36 inches and the maximum user weight is 275 pounds.

The Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike comes with a generous warranty, 3 years on the frame and 6 months on the parts.

Exercise bikes are the kind of fitness equipment that has stood the test of time.  They continue to be popular with home exercisers, simply because they work, and they make working out comfortable and easy.  The aerobic benefits of working out on a bike are unparalleled, and recumbent bikes give users that benefit without leaving the home.  Safety and weather concerns are not a consideration when working out on your recumbent bike.  Another benefit of using an exercise bike is that the balance and coordination typically required for long bike rides is not necessary for the recumbent bike.  This means all users can get a terrific workout, regardless of their individual situation.

The Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike is the type of exercise equipment that allows users to read magazines, books, or watch TV while working out.  Elliptical machines are terrific, but you sure can’t read a book on one!  This is why we think the Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike is the ideal in-home exercise equipment.

Why use a recumbent bike?

Some may ask, why use a recumbent bike?  The benefits of the recumbent bike are many, not least of which is the full ergonomic back support.  For those with back trouble, this piece of machinery is ideal.  Strain on arms, neck, and shoulders are all greatly reduced when you switch from a traditional exercise bike to a recumbent exercise bike.

One of the great challenges in starting a new exercise program is sticking with it.  There are a variety of things you can do to create and stick with a program of exercise.  Doing it first thing in the day is a great place to start.  Making goals and keeping track of those goals is another way to stay motivated.  Finding an exercise partner is an option as well.  Perhaps the greatest thing you can do to keep to your exercise program going is to have exercise equipment close-by.  Convenient access to high quality equipment is one of the best ways to stay motivated in your exercise program.

The Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike is a great quality and economical choice for your recumbent bike purchase.  It is lightweight, easy to move, and sturdy enough for daily use.  We think you’ll love this bike!

Where to buy it?

You can purchase the Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bike from a number of online retailers. has this product in their catalog with free shipping for about $250.00.  You can view Amazon’s listing of this product here.

Schwinn Active 20 Produce Specifications:

  • Profile: Recumbent
  • Number of workout programs: 11
  • Workout programs: 1 Manual program, 6 preset profile programs, 3 Heart Rate Control programs and 1 Target Heart Rate program
  • Heart rate monitor: Grip
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • Resistance system: Quiet Magnetic ECB (Eddy current brake) resistance
  • Display: LCD
  • Display readouts: Speed, RPM, Time, Distance, Watt, Calories, Pulse
  • Dimensions: 58.5 x 26 x 36 inches
  • Product weight: 58 pounds
  • Maximum user weight: 275 pounds

Manufacturer’s Warranty
Frame – 3 years; Parts – 6 months