Fencing Referee App for iPhoneScorecounter is the free fencing referee application for the iPhone and iTouch developed by Fencing.net user Gary Hayenga. It maintains all the basic essentials one needs to referee a bout: an adjustable stopwatch with both 1 and 3 minute resets, the ability to track yellow and red cards, and a counter for the score of both fencers (as the name of the app would imply).

The app has seen few if any updates since its release and has a couple of bugs. Namely, the period counter for use with direct elimination is supposed to be updated by double-clicking on the counter in the center of the screen. However, this feature almost always crashes the program.

At zero cost, it’s worth picking up for any fencer who ever has to referee bouts either in practice or at tournaments. Download it here:


or search for “scorecounter” in the app store on your mobile device.


Fencing Referee App - Scorecounter for iPhone

Start/Stop button in the bottom middle and the ability to add and subtract touches is right below the scores for the left and right fencer. Cards are shown in the top left and top right (for the left and right fencers.)

Scorecounter Fencing Referee Application for iPhone