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The US women’s foil squad of Margaret Lu, Nzingha Prescod, Lee Kiefer and Jacqueline Dubrovich took silver in the Junior Women’s Foil team event, their 5th medal overall of the Junior and Cadet World Championships.

Italy defeated the United States 45-43 in a close match.  Italy started by winning the first 3 bouts and going up 15-8.  The US fencers battled back but Italy held a 6 point lead going into the 8th bout. In that bout Lee Kiefer brought the score back to a tie with a 12-6 score over Stefania Straniero.  Alice Volpi closed the match out over US anchor Nzingha Prescod as Italy edged out the win by two points.

Russia defated Germany 45-37 in the bronze medal match.

1. USA
2. Italy
3. Russia

Photo S.Timacheff/

In the Men’s Sabre team top seed Germany crushed Italy 45-33 to win the gold.  Russia defeated Hungary 45-41 for the bronze.

The US squad was seeded 8th and lost their first match to 9th seed France, 45-41.

1. Germany
2. Italy
3. Russia