Lee Kiefer, Nzingha Prescod, Margaret Lu, and Ysora Thibus (FRA) Photo via US Fencing

The US Women’s Foil Team of Nzingha Prescod, Lee Kiefer, and Margaret Lu got greedy today, sweeping the medals in the Junior Women’s Foil World Championships head at the Dead Sea resort in Jordan.

Nzingha Prescod earned the gold medal, Lee Kiefer the silver (her 2nd after earning silver in the Cadet event), and Margaret Lu the bronze.  France also appeared on the medal stand as Ysora Thibus (FRA) tied for 3rd.

The three US fencers entered in the event came out of the preliminary rounds seeded 1st, 2nd and 4th.  They rode those seeds out through the direct elimination phase of the tournament until they faced each other.

The US women each won all 6 of their preliminary bouts, only giving up 6 (Lu), 7 (Kiefer), and 9 (Prescod) touches in the pools.  The only fencer who could beat the Americans was eventual champion and teammate Prescod.

In the round of 8, Lee Kiefer faced strong opposition from Alice Volpi (ITA).  Volpi used a late comeback to tie the score at 14-14 before Kiefer pulled out the win to keep the medal sweep alive for the US.

In the semi-finals Prescod defeated Lu 15-8 and then Kiefer knocked out Ysora Thibus (FRA) 15-8.  Prescod won the final against Kiefer 15-11.

Mona Shaito fenced her 2nd event representing Lebanon and came in 25th.  Shaito had placed 2nd in a junior world cup event earlier in the season representing the United States.  She has dual citizenship with Lebanon and had placed a request with the FIE and USA Fencing to be allowed to represent Lebanon at these world championships.

Executive Director Greg Dilworth stated that USA Fencing’s process when a fencer wishes to represent another country is to provide the fencer with a release unless there is a good reason not to.

Normally a fencer must sit out of competition for up to 3 years if they transfer their representation, unless their former country grants a waiver.

Final Results – Junior Women’s Foil

1.     USA PRESCOD Nzingha
2.     USA KIEFER Lee
3.     USA LU Margaret

3.     FRA THIBUS Ysora
5.     FRA BLAZE Anita
6.     ITA VOLPI Alice
7.     RUS PIRIEVA Leyla
8.     POL SOBCZAK Zuzanna
25.     LIB SHAITO Mona