Junior Men's Sabre action. Photo S.Timacheff/FencingPhotos.com

Top seed Matyas Szabo (GER) defeated Trofim Velikiy (RUS) 15-11 to claim the Men’s Sabre Junior World Championship.  Nikolasz Iliasz (HUN) and Maximilian Kindler (GER) shared the bronze medal.

Szabo had won 4 junior world cups this season and placed 5th at the European Junior Championships.

The top US finish was claimed by Evan Prochniak who took 11th.  Prochniak went 5-0 in the preliminary pools and notched victories in the round of 64 and 32.  In the top 16 he lost to Richard Hubers (GER) 15-7.

Sean Buckly went out in the round of 32 and Rhys Douglas in the 64.  Buckley lost to silver medalist Velikiy 15-12 and Douglas went 3-2 in pools and lost his first elimination match to Artsiom Karabinski (BLR) 15-10.

Junior Men’s Sabre World Championship
Top 8 + US Placements

2011 Junior Men's Sabre Medalists

1.     GER SZABO Matyas
2.     RUS VELIKIY Trofim
3.     GER KINDLER Maximilian
3.     HUN ILIASZ Nikolasz
5.     ESP LOPEZ MENDEZ Alvaro
6.     GER HÜBERS Richard
7.     HUN SZATMARI Andras
8.     GEO BAZADZE Sandro

11.     USA PROCHNIAK Evan
20.     USA BUCKLEY Sean
46.     USA DOUGLAS Rhys