Stripside Coaching

New products added to the Fencing.Net store for the Holiday Season include the 2012 Fencing Calendar, a new fencing poster design, plus another training document from our Sport Psychology partner, Dr. John Heil.

The Stripside Coaching Manual covers the “game day” coaching environment and urgency of the fencing tournament.  The report is a collaborative effort between Dr. John Heil and Paul Soter.

Out for 2012, the latest Fencing Calendar features the stunning photographs from Serge


Timacheff and  In addition to the calendar, Serge’s photographs are part of a new “coffee-table” book highlighting the top fencing athletes of the past decade.

We’ve launched a new fencing poster as well.  Looking around the offices, we loved the various fencing tournament posters that we’ve collected over the years.  Wanting to try out those styles, we commissioned artwork inspired by our favorite posters.  The new Harlequin Poster is our first one – look for more in 2012.

Our last new product is a new item in “The Stick” line of sports therapy products.  The Hybrid Stick combines some of the best features of the standard stick and the Trigger Wheel.  Check out the Hybrid Stick in our Sports Performance section.

2012 Fencing Calendar
2012 Fencing Calendar