Duracell with Fencing Packaging
Duracell is using the Go for the Gold campaign in media and their packaging. This one features fencing.

The latest advertiser to add fencing to their ads is Duracell.  As reported on the forums, the new Duracell TV spot “Go for the Gold” features fencing as one of the sports which can be powered by the Coppertop.

Just the week Ben Bratton (here’s his blog) shared an image of fencing showing up not just in the media ad, but on the packaging for the Duracell batteries.

It will be interesting to see what other Olympic sponsors add fencing to their advertising campaign mix.  It is one of the iconic Olympic sports and does generate the double-take to garner interest in the ad message.

Several months ago, I had spoken to one of the brand managers for Duracell about fencing, how the electronics work, and what items a fencer would have or use that would be battery powered.  It was a long conversation and I had to think through my pre-competition and competition routines to see what devices I would generally use during the day that could be battery powered.

Here’s the list I came up with:

  • Scoring machines using battery back-up (the lantern batteries)
  • My test box – either the Favero or cheap ohmmeter
  • A Favero buzz box for training
  • Our Nasycon buzzer training foils (for teaching intro/youth classes)

Here is the Go for the Gold media spot:

What do you think of the ad?