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Spain Scores Upsets in Madrid

Spain took the idea of a home court advantage to heart as Fernando Casares won the individual title and Spain knocked off the top seed

Andrea Baldini contributing to the SCHERMA PER NON VEDENTI project
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Fencing for the Blind in Italy

Friday, June 25th, was an historic day at the Concetto Lo Bello in Syracuse. Andrea Baldini (pictured, left) donned a blindfold and fenced epee with a practicioner of Italy’s newest niche sport-Scherma per non vedenti. A number of important guests were on hand to witness the bout, including FIS president, Girogio Scarso.

Health and Fitness Training Tips

Physical Chess – Training for Fencing

Fencing demands focus, strategy, tactical execution, and incredible forethought, plus speed, power, and endurance.