Epee Assembly – Do it Legally for Summer Nationals

UPDATE – May 2016: The FOC has finally seen reason and reverted their position on the mousehole wiring and issued a statement to that effect:

German Body Cord 2 Pin Plug

A Guide to Body Cord Plugs and Sockets

One common asked question is what are the different types of body cords and which is better.  While many people approach this with an almost

Prieur Foil Tip

Two kinda obscure foil point problems

Okay—you’re at wit’s end. The problem showed up when you were fencing, but not when you tried to reproduce it on strip during a halt,


Wiring Blades: A DIY Guide

This article leads you through the step by step process of rewiring a foil or epee blade. While quite a complex undertaking, this guide breaks down rewiring a blade into easy step by step tasks.


Epee Troubleshooting

Basic troubleshooting guide for electric epee.