2012 Olympics Profiles

Daryl Homer – Going for Gold

London was calling and Daryl Homer clashed and slashed his way there.  Using his trademark quick feet and explosive flunge, he and the rest of

2012 Olympics News Profiles

Mnnad Ghazy – A Long Trip from Egypt

US fencers can be spoiled.  As Americans, we will gripe about having to travel across the country to go to tourneys or how we don’t

2012 Olympics News Profiles

Nzingha Prescod – You have to have a game plan

Fencing.net caught up with Nzingha Prescod during the US national training camp shortly before the Olympics.


Interview with Sandra Sassine

One of the greatest honors an athlete can have is representing your country. The one that trumps that is bringing home a medal. Sandra went

News Profiles

Race Imboden: Fencing Prodigy

Watch how Race learned to harness his emotions and climbed from virtual obscurity to become the #4-ranked foil fencer in the world and America’s #1.