March Madness: Naismith the Fencing Coach

Last night the pairings for the 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament were released, leading to a day of lost work in corporate America as brackets are

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Parent Tips for a Fencing Tournament

Damien has written up a post related to parent behavior at fencing tournaments. It follows along with his previous open letter to fencing parents and


Sandra Sassine on Rick Mercer Report

Canada’s Sandra Sassine shows off fencing to Rick Mercer in this bit: Not a fan of the laugh track, but it’s a decent bit and


Amazing Sabre Touches of 2012

CyrusofChaos has released his 2012 Amazing Touches video. Worth a look – check out how the fencers control the distance with small, quick foot movements


Fencing in Games: Magic the Gathering

Fencing makes an appearance in the popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering as one of the cards in the new set is titled “Fencing Ace”.