Prep for Budapest

Yesterday Leon Paul London’s Facebook page posted a photo of their team preparing the finals area for the World Fencing Championships in Budapest. Look familiar? It’s the same lighting equipment from the London 2012 Olympics!

Budapest 2013 Finals Area
World Fencing Championships Finals Area (Photo via Leon Paul London)

Speaking of Budapest, TvLevallois Sport on Dailymotion has put up a video about the French National Team training for the World Championships.

Stage à Vittel, les coulisses avec l’équipe de France by levalloisport

Even if you can’t understand the French language, you can still enjoy the different angle shots they have of them fencing and the behind-the-scenes look to what they do in their downtime.

Watch the competition streaming live from FIE’s YouTube channel August 7th through the 12th.


New Season, New You

From a glance at the fencing tag on tumblr, I noticed many posts about the new fencing season starting up in the next few weeks from High School and College students alike (this one in particular is my favorite). Though many can’t wait, they also can’t believe that it’s starting up again so soon and feel like they aren’t ready for it.

How about you? Made resolutions to train harder or do some actual conditioning? As always is here to help you out. Check out some of our past beginning-of-the-season articles with tips on how to make the most of practices:

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Street Fencing

Fencing through the years has influenced a multitude of artists; it is seen in drawings, paintings, animation, and even fashion. Where you might not expect it though is in stenciled graffiti.

Berlin Street Art
stuck on the streets by DECYCLE

The image above is of a fencer in a full lunge while holding out a paint brush by the street artist DECYCLE. If you ever take a trip to the city of Berlin, you should definitely check the street art scene because some of it is just breath taking.


“Occupations of Women” – Lady Fencers in Advertisement

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to fencing in art and advertisement? Think again.

In 1889 Frishmuth’s Tobacco Company issued out a series of trading cards called the “Occupations of Women” to promote their tobacco products. One of these cards just so happened to be titled “Fencing-Master”, and I find it to be a fascinating piece of history.

The collection is currently being held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is currently not on display (very disappointing).

Fencing Master
Fencing-Master, from the Occupations of Women series for Frishmuth’s Tobacco Company



If you missed it Olympic Fencing Hangout, you can watch it in full here [x]