Can’t Wait for 2061

I really look forward to seeing Halley’s Comet when it comes around again. I will not miss it for anything. I remember my father talking about seeing the comet when he was a very young boy. His father took him to the top of a mountain in southern California and they looked into the sky for it. Halley’s Comet is the most active of any comet that we know of. It is also the most famous comet that people talk about, and it comes around every 75 years about.

The first recorded sighting of the comet was in 239 B.C. according to the European Space Agency. When it came back around in 164 B.C. it was most definitely recorded in Babylon records. It is certainly a fascinating event and I cannot wait to observe it for myself in the future. I would like to take my children to the same spot where my dad went with his father in southern California to view it. I would like to recreate the picture they took. Maybe this time the comet passes we can get more valuable information from it since in 1986 the rocket that our astronauts were on malfunctioned and they could not get a good look. What an exciting thing to see and behold.

More info on Halley’s Comet is available here: