As we get closer to the start of the Olympics this quad (+1), we look again to answer the question of how to actually watch the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Your options change somewhat frequently as the Games’ broadcast rights are contracted out by regions, and your region’s options might not be the same ones you had last time you tried to watch the Olympics.

This time around, you’ll probably have an even easier time watching fencing and your other favorite sports due to the proliferation of online streaming options. We’ll talk through the various options that we know of below, and will continue to add to the list over time as we learn more.

Watching from the United States

NBC Universal owns the broadcast rights inside the United States. You can watch the games either on the various NBC family of channels on cable television, on if you have a cable subscription, and/or you can stream the Games via Peacock TV if you don’t have a cable subscription. You can also watch the Olympics through Hulu via their Live TV option.

Watching from the United Kingdom

The BBC owns the broadcast rights inside the United Kingdom. Here you can watch the games on the various BBC channels on television or via the BBC’s IPlayer streaming service.

Watching from Europe

Eurosport owns the rights inside of Europe. Details of watching Eurosport on television depend on your local country, but you can also stream events online on the Eurosport Player streaming service.

In addition, ARD-ZDF will be broadcasting the Games in Germany, and RTVE will be broadcasting in Spain.

Watching from Canada

Sportsnet, TSN, CBC and TLN will all be broadcasting the Olympics if you have a cable subscription inside Canada. Streaming options are a bit more varied here, with either Sportsnet Now or TSN Direct offering streaming options.

Watching from Australia

Channel 7 has broadcast rights in Australia, and you can stream the Games online through their 7Plus streaming service.

Watching from New Zealand

Sky Sport and TVNZ are both broadcasting Olympics programming in New Zealand. You can watch online via TVNZ On Demand, Sky Go, and/or Sky Sport Now streaming options. TVNZ is of course free, while Sky Sport options are subscription-based.

Watching from China

CCTV, the state-owned network, has the broadcast rights in China.

Watching from Japan

The Japan Consortium has broadcast rights in Japan. This is a group of companies that came together to bid as a group for Japan, so your viewing options will span a number of broadcasters. See a list of the participating channels here for more info.

Watching from India

Sony Pictures Network India holds the broadcast rights, and SonyLIV is the streaming service they offer.