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Opinion: It’s Time For The IOC To Change Team Sub Rules

The current substitution rules for fencing in the Olympic Games work a little differently than any other normal team fencing competition. In the Games, if

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An Experienced French Men’s Foil Team Secures Gold over ROC

A deeply experienced French team (average age 32) overcame a comparatively youthful Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) team (average age 22) by a 45-28 score to

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Russian Olympic Committee shows Women’s Saber Dominance with Team Gold

The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) showed their dominance over the discipline by taking home a Gold medal in the Women’s Team Saber event, which results

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Russian Olympic Committee Dominates Women’s Foil Team, Takes Gold

Russian Olympic Committee’s representative team soundly defeated France 45-34 to take Gold in the Women’s Foil Team event. Russia took a very strong early lead

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South Korea Retains Title of Men’s Saber Olympic Champions

In a dominant performance, South Korea defeated Italy in the Men’s Saber Team finals this Wednesday by a score of 45-26 – the largest margin