Sport Psychology

A new sport psychology video has been released that discusses the necessary psychological shifts between the analytical and intuitive (or active) mindsets during a fencing bout.

Discussion points are led by Dr. John Heil with additional input from 2 time Olympian Jason Rogers.

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  • Stephan, August 19, 2011 @ 7:39 pm

    As fencer & psychologist, my own (biased) observation:  a fight is perception of patterns —to— action without thought.  There is no self, only sight-&-action in one organic whole: seeing the weave of his motion, letting my sword fall into his open space or into the path of his blade….he determines response….there is no “me” who “makes a decision”.  If I visualise, if I plan, then I slow down….there is now an “I” who is thinking about “me” standing between his action and my action….the “I” must let go of the “me” and must disappear, as an ingredient falling into a swirling mixture….a breeze blending into a wind.

    Stephan T. Vitas PhD

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