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Fencing in the Media Friday Roundup: Chopped, Live with Kelly, and more

This was a big week for fencing in the media! Fencing found itself in a relatively large spotlight on two major, high viewership television shows

fencing in Cinderella
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Videos of the Month – November 2014

There seems to be a lot of content coming out related to fencing recently. First there are the videos going up from the World Cup

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Epic Sabre Compilation – Aron Szilagyi Fencing Highlights

Sydney Sabre presents their tribute to Aron Szilagyi (HUN), world #3 at the end of the 2013-2014 season, and reigning Olympic Champion in individual men’s sabre.

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How to Fence Epee – Fabian Kauter’s Fencing Guide

Learn the basics of epee fencing from Fabian Kauter: Fabian Kauter of Switzerland gives us complete guide to Olympic Epee Fencing, explaining the event’s rules,

2012 Olympics Video

Olympic Rewind: Aron Szilagyi watches his London 2012 Gold Medal Bout

Olympic Gold Medalist Aron Szilgyi (HUN) watches his final bout from the London Olympics and talks through his tactics and approach to the bout.