Vito Noto International Cup

Soren Thompson (USA) participated in a Men’s Epee feature event in Italy, held just one week before the Legnano world cup kicks of the second half of the Olympic qualifying season.  Gladius shared the following recap in the forums:

Geza Imre (HUN), #2 in the 2011 world cup rankings, won the Trophy “Vito Noto”, Men’s Epee Intercontinental World Cup in Naples, Italy. This was the first edition of the trophy contested between the continental (zonal) title holders, the Olympic champion, the winner of the World Cup, and the world champion. Since Paolo Pizzo is the world champion in charge and the winner of the world cup, this opened the door for Imre to compete as the next highest in the rankings. Soren Thompson represented the American continent.

Imre defeated Tagliariol 15-14 to take win the final.  Thompson took 3rd, losing in the quarter-finals 9-8 to Tagliariol.


The formula for this competition is DE from a table of 8. Eligible participants are the Olympic champion (Tagliariol), the World champion (Pizzo), the four winner of the continental (zonal championships), the winner of the World Cup, and the winner of the previous edition. This being the first edition only 7 fencers started.

At the press conference three days ago to introduce this event, Sandro Cuomo, Italian epee CT, said, “[we will have] the world protagonists of men’s epee. The Intercontinental World Cup is a challenge which I’m sure will become a regular event in the future of world fencing competitions. We get the opportunity to see on the strip the strongest fencers in the international panorama.”


Imre (HUN) b. Tagliariol (ITA) 15-14

Imre (HUN) b. Pizzo (ITA) 15-14
Tagliariol (ITA) b. Thompson (USA) 9-8

Pizzo (ITA) b. Bouzaid (SEN) 15-5
Thompson (USA) b. Alimzhanov (KAZ) 15-14
Tagliariol (ITA) b. Fiedler (GER) 15-12

Results (7 competitors): 1. Imre (HUN), 2. Tagliariol (ITA), 3. Pizzo (ITA), 3. Thompson (USA), 5. Fiedler (GER), 6. Alimzhanov (KAZ), 7. Bouzaid (SEN).


Donald L. Moore, USA Consul General in Naples, was there to award Soren his bronze medal. Luigi De Magistris, Mayor of Naples, Giorgio Scarso, FIS President, and Ana Pascu, FIE Vice President were also among the spectators.

Europe Cup Women’s Epee (club teams)

At the same time and venue the fifth edition of Coupe d’Europe 2012 women’s epee (club teams) took place. This is a competition between club teams holder of their respective national titles. To enter, a team must be either the national champion team, or the winner of a previous edition of the Coupe d’Europe, or a team entered in substitution of the national champion team, or a team representing the hosting club. The winner this year was the winner of last year’s edition, representing the Bucarest club Steaua with Ana Branza and Anca Maroiu.

TROFEO “PARTENOPE” – COUPE D’EUROPE – WOMEN’S EPEE (team) – Naples, January 21, 2012…?pageId=822692

Steaua Bucarest (ROU) b. Levallois (FRA) 45-40

Final 3°-4° place
Forestale (ITA) b. Lagardere (FRA) 45-39

Steaua Bucarest (ROU) b. Forestale (ITA) 39-36
Levallois (FRA) b. Lagardere (FRA) 45-44

Steaua Bucarest (ROU) b. En Garde (FRA) 45-36
Forestale (ITA) b. Maccabi (ISR) 45-37
Lagardere (FRA) b. Russia Fencing (RUS) 43-38
Levallois (FRA) b. Universiate Craiova (POL) 45-29

Tableau of 16
En Garde (FRA) b. Cs Partenopeo (ITA)
Forestale (ITA) b. Basel & Riehen (SUI)
Lagardere (FRA) b. Las Rozas Madrid (SPA)
Universitatea Craiova (POL) b. Aeronautica (ITA)

Results (12 teams competing): 1. Steaua Bucarest (ROU), 2. Levallois Paris (FRA), 3. Forestale (ITA), 4. Lagardere Paris (FRA).

Comments by Giorgio Scarso on both events: “… I wish to congratulate the organizers for their innovative idea of the Intercontinental Cup, a unique event in the panorama of world fencing. On the first edition of the Coupe d’Europe [WE club teams] very few people were ready to bet on its success. Now this has become an event many are looking forward to and are eager to compete.”