Brackets for the Individual and Team fencing events are now posted.

The direct elimination brackets for the 2012 Olympic Fencing events have been finalized and posted.  The way that the bracket seeding worked was to:

  1. Take all of the FIE rankings 1 through X.
  2. For any fencers tied, or with no ranking, settle on an initial seed with drawing of lots.
  3. For each pair, starting with 1&2, draw lots for final seed.

The practical upshot is that there is a slight randomization in the individual events.  1 & 2 could be flipped as could 3 & 4, all the way down the bracket.  We see this in Women’s Foil as Vezzali is the #1 fencer in FIE rankings, but occupies the #2 slot for the tournament seeding.

Forum user Sinestra has already created a set of brackets based on the updated information, so you can go ahead and fill out your own predictions to the brackets!  How will your picks match up with reality?  Go ahead and fill out the brackets here: [link].

Here are the brackets and results from the official London 2012 site:

Saturday, July 28th: Women’s Foil Individual

Sunday, July 28th: Men’s Sabre Individual

Monday, July 30th: Women’s Epee Individual

Tuesday, July 31st: Men’s Foil Individual

Wednesday, August 1st: Men’s Epee Individual & Women’s Sabre Individual

Thursday, August 2nd: Women’s Team Foil

Friday, August 3rd: Men’s Team Sabre

Saturday, August 4th: Women’s Team Epee

Sunday, August 5th: Men’s Team Foil