Alexander Massialas and Race Imboden would be stopped in the round of 16 today.

Alexander Massialas knew what to expect from Alexey Cheremisinov (RUS), but couldn’t find the answer to the Russian’s running attacks and fell 15-6.  During part of the match Massialas appeared rattled and confirmed after the bout: “Fencing in front of a crowd like that has maybe happened to me once before in my life. It wasn’t really that which got to me, it was the whole situation. I wasn’t able to keep my cool.”

“When I’m fencing my best, I’m calm and cool, even when I’m losing, I’m not going out shaking my head, or hitting myself in the head after a bad action. Unfortuantely today, I just wasn’t able to execute.”

Race Imboden also knew what to expect from Baldini, but the Italian fencer, who missed out on the 2008 Games .  Race Imboden described the match: “I fenced really badly and he fenced excellently. He did what he always does and he drew me in. He fences at a really good distance and was too good for me. He’s definitely one of the best.”

Massialas and Imboden expressed disappointment in their Olympic debuts but plan on a strong showing in the team event on August 5th where they have an opening round match against France.

The upset of the round thus far was provided when Abouelkassem (EGY) defeated 4-time world champion Peter Joppich (GER) 15-10.  Abouelkassem had previously defeated Miles Chamley-Watson in the round of 32.

Italy’s team had a strong showing with all 3 advancing to the final 8.  Joining Baldini was Aspromonte (ITA), who won to go to the 8 with a 15 – 11 win over Bachmann (GER).

The most dynamic bout had to be between Yuki Ota (JPN) and Andrea Cassara (ITA).  The two fencers traded touches with ties all the way up from 10 to 14-all.  Each time one fencer would score, their supporters would cheer loudly in the stands.  At 14-all time ran out and priority went to Cassara.  Cassara would still keep pressing and scored the winning touch.

The round of 8 will feature:
Aspromonte (ITA) vs. Lei Sheng (CHN)
Alexey Cheremisinov (RUS) vs. Andrea Baldini (ITA)
Jianfei Ma (CHN) vs. Byungchul Choi (KOR)
Alaaeldin Abouelkassem (EGY) vs. Andrea Cassara (ITA)