Impressions from the USFA Coaches College, 2003

In July 2003, Jeff Harman attended the United States Fencing Association’s Coach’s College. Created with the goal of improving American fencing by improving its fencing

Fencing 101

Babes with Blades

The sword as a weapon in personal disputes or in the grander scheme of battle is largely a thing of the past. It has moved

Fencing 101

The Fencing Lesson (Fast Track to Success)

There are many methods of learning fencing, but only one will make you a champion. You can teach yourself, by reading a book. You can

Fencing 101

How fencing is fenced

Fencing bouts take place on a long, narrow strip about fourteen meters long and two meters wide. Fencers take position at the “on guard” lines,

Fencing 101

Modern vs. Classical Fencing – What are the differences?

If the “real thing” is a duel with sharps, then aside from the mortal danger and related psychological factors, the primary technical difference is that